Frequent Ask Questions – FAQs

We have a few FAQs for our courses and whilst many of the questions are answered on each page this brings together the majority of them in one easy place.


On most of our courses accommodation is in either twin or single rooms. This very much depends on the particular course and accommodation type. It can vary between locations.


Our course are generally self catering and you will have an opportunity to buy it yourself from the supermarket. We try to encourage group catering, although this is not mandatory, but we find it really helps bound the group together.

Previous experience

Each course advertise has some suggested prior experience that we might expect as a minimum from our clients. We are however flexible and if you are in doubt then contact us to find out more.


You will need to bring your own:

  • harness,
  • helmet,
  • rock shoes,
  • chalk bag.
  • Belay Plate,
  • 3 x Screwgate carabiners,
  • 2 x slings
  • 5 x quickdraws.

Generally Sunnier Climbs will provide racks and ropes for our climbing courses. However you may wish to bring your own if you prefer to climb with your own rack.

Where do meet

We generally arrange a pick up from the nearest airport on the morning of the start if the course. We will need you flight delays to add to your booking form details prior to the course starting.
Costa Blanca – Alicante Airport
Madrid – Madrid Airport
Picos – Bilbao Airport
Fontainebleau – Paris – CDG
Morocco – Marrakech