Mountain Adventures

At sunnier climbs one of the other types of climbing holidays we offer is up and around some great mountains of the world. Generally walking based we also offer some more mountaineering course in spain. What these holidays offer though are great adventures in amazing mountains.

Our mountain holidays are generally run by Paul Poole who has been offering these holidays for years and has made regular pilgrimages to Morocco, Nepal, Costa Blanca and other areas to run some great mountain based walking and scrambling holidays.

Like all of our holidays we offer pick up from the airport and transport to a basecamp where we run the activities from. Whilst some of these courses are generally sunny, other are more winter based courses, where despite the sun it will be below freezing on the highest peaks.

As such it is best to see what each area has to offer, but whether it is the equivalent of summer hillwalking and mountaineering in the winter you want, trekking in the Himalaya, Exploring the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco and having an real adventure in South America we will have a mountain walking holiday that will capture your imagination.